I will tell you the steps: Scam Someone in Maple Story

Published: 01st March 2010
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Many people want to know how to scam someone in maplestory, but Scamming is a bad idea. Most maplestory players wont to tell you how to do. I prefer hacking maplestory the game to earn mesos faster. LOL Example use godmode and vacuum hack.

Fist i will tell you some scams and counter-scam techniques


GM wants you to drop/trade an item

Counter this scam:

Why would they need your item if they already have every single one?


The GM asks for your password

Counter this scam:

Why would they want it if they already have it?


The almighty "Your password is censored by the GMs, try it".

Counter this scam:

They wouldn't do that for the world. What if your password was buying and you could still say buying? Don't worry about it, they just don't censor your password.


Slow friendship betrayal (applies to real life too)

Counter this scam:

Be on guard. Make sure they are very trustworthy, and see if they flatter you a lot. If they flatter you a lot, be cautious.


A guild leader that wants to test your loyalty by having you give an item and returning later.

Counter this scam:

See if you've ever heard of this guild. If you haven't go on yahoo, google, and others and see if they show up. If not, they're not a guild.

Now i will tell you how to scam others in maplestory LOL


1.Create guy/girl with a confusing name, one hard to add into the Friends list, like magegirlIlIlIl96. In the game, that name is hard to decipher and see if it is a capital I or a lowercase L. Try making one in the world with your best guy as it's usually that one in which you want money right?

2.Get an item, preferably rare. One that is cool enough to convince the victim that you have NX cash. Oh, and it's better if you actually have something that IS NX cash.

3.Say something like, "Gifting NX items for 1mil (1k nx = 1.5 mil 1.5k = 2mil and so on)!".

4.If someone wants to trade with you, they will obviously want some proof right? So say "You give me half first, and I'll send it to you as a gift, and then you give me the other half."

5.Of course, you won't send the gift. Keep the half you just got.

6.It's quite obvious that person will add you to their friend's list since they don't entirely trust you. Don't worry, they'll probably get it wrong.

7.Once they fall for it, go to a random channel (the Free Market in channel 1 would be best), and have a change of clothes ready and hide behind people.

8.Intead of hiding, you could also instantley log off and log in again in another 30 minutes.

Do you remeber all above, just do this! You will get more maplestory mesos. LOL

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